100-Gems (ages 9-13)

Teenspire! (ages 13-18)

‘100-Gems’ & ‘Teenspire!’ are our frameworks for Kids and Teens clubs.

The clubs provide fertile grounds for many of the positive thoughts, habits and behaviors to become part of an individual’s personality.

The various acts and thoughts that regulate their emotions will be identified in the in-session activities and discussions. Thereby making them more emotionally intelligent individuals.

How it works?

  • Minimum 10 meetings will be held for each club throughout the year.
  • Each session will be 90-minutes long.
  • Discussions will be on the topic of health & nutrition and about many simple good habits.
  • The monthly task(s) will be decided for the club after having in-session discussion.
  • There will be task leaders who would do the follow-up for the other members.


The aims are to:

  • Support each other in forming various productive habits and thought patterns each year.
  • Breaking any negative habit or thought pattern as group activity.
  • Create an atmosphere of healthy competition among the participants and to award them various titles such as “Task Leader”, “Team Leader”, “nutrition expert” etc. as a form of positive reinforcements.
  • Keep the sessions interactive and lively by bringing diversity in our activities.
  • Appreciate them and celebrate with them for each & every achievement.

To join or start a club, email at: