GripyourLife! is a multicultural habit formation community comprising of members of ages 9 and over. Members of each club come together once or twice every month. The purpose is to assist each other in forming good habits, thinking patterns whilst providing an environent to assist them in breaking any of the negative habits.

The world needs plenty of self-actualized people. And self-actualization is a journey, which usually has humble beginnings.
No one is born Self-Actualized. Its the family, society and environment that carves out the high spirited and dedicated beings.
Each one of us has a varying degree of potential to discipline ourself and then assist & motivate others in their noble journeys torwads self-actualization and contentment.

Each sane one of us, does anything that we do in order to gain pleasure or to avoid pain. But, often a good portion of mankind chooses the wrong tools & wrong paths to achieve their chief motive.
Unlike many other Organisations, who relate success and happiness to absolute materialism and superficial joys. We believe that happiness & contentment comes from within and that its a birthright and everyone deserves it. Happiness requires that we do the best that we can and then to be content with the results. Its the work of our perceptions.

We can come together, discuss and decide under GripyourLife! framework to do/not to do things, that we fancied doing since decades and begin the most anticipated journey towards the eternal bliss.

Our Clubs!

100-Gems (ages 9-13)
Teenspire! (ages 13-18)
100-Bricks (ages 18 and over)

to join any of our clubs, kindly email: