One day he sits there realizing that he has passed a great portion of his life, yet he seems to have achieved nothing.
With a gloomy face he stands up dragging his feet and walks to the other side of the room where lay a classic wooden dressing table which he had inherited from his mother-in-law. Its very sight brought him very sad memories, all associations of failure.

He, extending his hand, grabs his diary, which fortunately, he had preserved through decades. It contained the story of his life. He sits on the arm chair next to it and stays there until the rise of the next sun skimming through the annals, reproducing the sketch of his life.

Should he cry or rejoice? Lonely he sits there, very helpless, and conspiring about things he never thought he would..i.e. to ascend a great structure and fall-off to the cessation of his breath…

He summons his courage, carries himself to the kitchen to nourish his body to carry out his plot.

That’s what happens, when you are so lonely…..

A voice calls out to him….Hey! stop! Just stop what you are doing..
Stop, I said…..
Calm down,,,sit here, calm down….

Smile! yes, smile.

Let’s get a new Grip on your Life!

We will sit together, as a community, decide together to do things that we fancied doing since decades.

And celebrate our significant or not-so-significant achievements, so as to energize our spirits and ascend unimaginable peaks in our happiness, contentment and self-actualization