This page is for (100-gems) club, ages 9-13.

The details of the activities for this club:

  • The idea is to form simple positive habits throughout the year and break negative habits in a very systematic fashion.
  • Habits could be from Health & Nutrition, Personal & Social Life.
  • The focus will be very high on brain storming and guiding the discussions to the desired results.
  • All the club activities will be managed by the coach and guided by the GripyourLife! Framework.
  • This is a multi-cultural club and for both the genders.
  • The meetings will be held on the first and the third Saturday every month.
  • Each club meeting will last 80-90 minutes which will comprise of presentations, discussions, activities.
  • Members are required to be very prompt for attending the club meetings. Showing inconsistency will result in cancellation of the membership.

    The process of registration for this club:

  • The forms has to be filled and emailed to the registrar with the latest pic & the club code (149) at the given email address: (
  • After reviewing the forms by the registrar only 10 (max.12) members will be selected for this club.
  • Both the parents have to fill the same form separately. Hence, one copy will be from the participant (student), one from the father and one from the mother. The parents are requested to fill-in the answers to the questions in a separate sheet.
  • The selected members will be informed via email and they will have to bring the filled forms and the first biannual dues for the membership in the first meeting.
  • Members are required to pay dues of $60 every 6 months to GripyourLife!.
  • Also the monthly charges vary for different clubs and for different coaches. However, there are no monthly charges for the first 10 members of this particular club.


  • All applications should be emailed on or before 17/9/18
  • All communications with the coach will be through the provided email address.
  • The coach and the hosts of this club in Dhahran Camp are, in good faith, voluntarily assisting by providing time and Venue for meetings. And in no way they are involved in any monetary or other benefits in any way. They are also not involved and responsible in any way for the GripyourLife! Framework.

Here are the forms for Download:

100-Gems Form for Parents  pdf | word (zipped)

100-Gems Form for Kids  pdf  |  word (zipped)

To contact this club’s coach, email:

To contact the registrar, email with the club code (149) at: